Car and Motor Washing

Give Your Car That Brand-New Shine

Look into our detailed car washing services in Rochester, MN

If you leave dirt, bird droppings or salt stains on your vehicle's exterior, they can do damage to your paint job over time. Make sure that your car's paint job stays looking great with car washing services from Williams Elite Detail.

We'll show your car's exterior the care and attention it deserves with our detailed wash and wax services. Reach out today to schedule the car washing services you need with our expert team in Rochester, MN.

We'll even clean your engine

We'll even clean your engine

When you pop the hood of your car to show off your supercharged engine, you don't want a dirty engine to give people the wrong idea. With our engine cleaning services, you'll be able to show off a clean and impressive motor at the car show or meetup.

We'll use a super degreaser on your motor before carefully power washing it clean. For a free estimate on our engine cleaning services, contact us today.

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Discover the benefits of our services

Car washing services are an important part of car maintenance, especially in the Rochester, MN weather. Regular car washing and engine cleaning services can also increase the lifespan of your engine. Dirt, grease and debris can get caught in your engine, causing it to break down. By hiring the pros at Williams Elite Detail to clean your engine, you’ll be taking a step to keep your car in the best possible condition.

You’ll be glad you scheduled car washing services with us because:

We can help you save time and energy
We have all the right equipment to wash your car correctly
We know the best methods to clean your car and engine

You can trust us to provide top-notch car washing and engine cleaning services. Call us for a free estimate at 507-398-7434.